The ROI Question: How to Calculate the Return on Investment in Mobility

If you are serious about selling something today, you are probably trying to sell it in more than one place. If you have a physical store you are selling it there, you probably also have a web store, and a mobile store, and a call center, maybe even a door to door selling strategy run by agents.

A classic example is the airline industry. An airline today sells the exact same airplane seat on their own website, through their mobile store front, at the ticketing window at airports that they fly to, via their call-center, on third-party online travel portals, and via travel agents operating out of physical offices that are connected to the airline’s central reservation system!

You have obviously invested serious money into these channels. How do you know if your investment in any of these channels is generating additional revenue? How can you tell if your investment in the mobile app you got done has generated a return?

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