Decisions at a Terabyte scale

Should I ship or upload my big data to the cloud?

This month, in the spirit of this blog’s name, we’ll look at mobile data. And by mobile data, I mean literally putting your data on a truck and sending it down the highway! Interested? Continue reading

Why Does My Octa-Core Phone Suck?

An Illustrated Overview of Factors Affecting Processor Performance

It is almost spring of 2016, nearly a quarter century after what was one of the most significant events in cell phone history. Continue reading

How to Publish a Heavily Illustrated eBook on Amazon Kindle…without butchering the illustrations

I recently published the Kindle edition of my book on mobile technology.

Normally this activity should have been a breeze given the excellent online tools provided by Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP as it’s lovingly called by ebook authors).

If your manuscript is a Microsoft Word document, all you need to do is upload it on KDP and KDP’s online converter will convert it into the Amazon eBook format (.mobi). It will also let you preview it using their online previewer, and you are good to go.

Alas, not so for me. Continue reading

An Illustrated Guide to Mobile Technology

An Illustrated Guide to Mobile Technology

Everything you want to know about mobile technology in one book

I am back after a long break, and with a new book out on Amazon.

It’s called “An Illustrated Guide to Mobile Technology“.

Here’s the Amazon URL:

And here’s my book’s website:

Do check it out! and happy reading!! 🙂

The Promise and Peril of HTML5

More and more companies are choosing to go the HTML5 route for developing their mobile apps. The prospect of covering multiple mobile OSes with one codebase is indeed quite tempting. There are cost efficiencies to be gained from the “build-once-port-everywhere” approach, not to mention the convenience of maintaining a single codebase and the ability to push an update to all platforms in one shot, among other things.

But hold your horses. There are pitfalls you need to guard against. The first pitfall is one of combinatorial explosion! Let me explain what I mean… Continue reading